Shop Drawings

What is the new feature?

As with any good building project, it’s important to first submit plans of what you are going to do before doing it. These plans are often referred to as shop drawings. They must be reviewed and approved by a professional engineer before actually being built.

Different jurisdictions will have different legislation and controls to make sure this process is followed and done appropriately. On top of this, the engineer who validates the designs is typically then liable for what happens to that structure after it is built!

We are proud to introduce Shop Drawings into the Aidi platform to support the process of creating, submitting, reviewing, and ultimately approving these crucial documents.

Shop Drawings is a kanban-style visualizer that brings automated workflows and communications to make approvals a piece of cake.

This feature is great for bringing together multiple stakeholders (e.g. general contractors, engineers, specialists) that need to (at times by law) be involved in the process of shop drawing creation or approval.

What can you do with this feature?

You will find shop drawings under the Supervision section of the platform. This is where all the magic happens. With the introduction of shop drawings, the following is made possible in Aidi:

Submitting plans

Stakeholders who create shop drawings can submit their plans through the Aidi platform. This removes the need for physical or email-based submission, and allows for a single-place to monitor new drawings. Plans can also be submitted with a priority label to quickly see which are most pressing to be reviewed.

Revision management

In Shop Drawings, you can easily view the different versions of each drawing. Using the history log, you can see when a drawing experienced a change in status or was commented on. The log even has the ability to comment at specific users, meaning they can get notified about unique changes.

Status tracking

The shop drawings interface is setup with different statuses (presented as columns), representing the stage each drawing is at. We have provided the most used statuses as the “default”, but these can be customized and set within the admin panel!


Wondering if the shop drawings you submitted were approved yet? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you! By being able to set who should receive notifications about updates or changes to specific drawings, everyone stays informed.

What are the main benefits?

  • Communication - automate notifications and updates on shop drawings with key stakeholders
  • Information management - create a single place for shop drawings to be submitted, reviewed, and approved
  • Prioritization - see which shop drawings need to be seen to and action them

Who should be most interested in this feature?

This feature will be most helpful for Aidi customers who invite general contractors, and other similar external parties, into the platform to collaborate. These contractors can upload their shop drawings for review and ensure everything is being accurately tracked and addressed.

Admins are able to set very clear read & write access, meaning you can include or restrict users from being part of the shop drawing processes as needed.

Customers with numerous projects will find tracking the various statuses of the numerous required shop drawings easier with this new functionality.

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