Create transparency and accountability around your construction portfolio.

"We didn't have one unified tool to keep tabs on all our projects. This created problems with management and delivery. With Aidi, we found we could standardize our approach, and get a granular view of everything that was happening. Aidi revolutionized the way we execute our projects. It's an essential tool."

-Jean Bouvrette, Espace pour la vie

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How do public entities work more transparently with Aidi?

Government bodies at all levels can benefit from using Aidi to operate in a more efficient and transparent manner. This means accountability for how public funds are deployed as well as acute project tracking and reporting. Here's how:

Finance management

Create role-based access and financing management systems in Aidi. Admins at all levels can track their spend and budget allocation appropriately.

Easy reporting

Generate reports quickly on the progress and spend of individual projects as well as the entire construction portfolio.

Define user access

Leveraging flexible role levels, get your entire team and 3rd party contractors involved where they are authorized to be.

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