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We are a technology driven company made up of passionate, intelligent people, solving one of the world's greatest pains.

The values we live by


The Aidi platform, and the team that supports it, is responsible for managing the movement of billions in critical infrastructure spending each year. Customers require us to be a reliable and trustworthy partner so they can operate in their day-to-day with absolute peace of mind. In all interactions and releases, the Aidi team seeks to inspire trustworthiness.


With the Aidi solution, we are able to create outsized impact for our customers and, by extension, the built world around us. In all things that Aidi creates and delivers, we seek to deliver real, lasting change for our customers and the citizens or clients they service. The ripple effect of what we enable is huge in scale and in terms of the long term benefits to society.


Everyone wants to feel heard and supported. In all interactions, both within our organization and with our external partners and stakeholders, the Aidi team is approachable and friendly. We seek to create a warm and understanding work environment that is also exemplified in our customer service and all communications.


The construction industry needs new, innovative solutions to operate in more modern and connected ways. Aidi represents a new era of construction innovation. We seek to deliver useful and reliable technology that continues to push how our customers can automate and collaborate in their organizations.

Meet the team

We're like, really nice people. Really.

Marc Parenteau

Marc is Aidi's CEO. True to his French roots, Marc is a wine guru & avid runner.

Martin Coulombe

Alexis Ragusich
Head of Operations

Axelle Darcy
Project Director

Adrien Michel
Head of Product

Adrien leads the Aidi product team. He is also an experienced equestrian.

Evan Hallward

Evan leads Growth. More importantly, he likes travelling, meeting people, and food.

Cédrik Leblanc
Support Lead

Cédrik LOVES climbing, helping people, and pizza.

Noah Rocklin

Noah handles all things marketing at Aidi! He's also an amateur athlete and bookworm.


At Aidi, we are always looking for ways to improve how we care for our clients. A big part of that starts internally with our employees; making sure they have the space to grow and are well cared for.

health & wellness

We offer private health insurance and health stipends. Wellness is of the body and the mind, we want our team healthy & happy.


We offer flexible working hours & location. We want the best people, wherever they are.

plan for the future

We offer 5% RRSP matching for all employees. We're here to build a better future together.

Work-life harmony

Life is complicated, we give you the space to manage it. Everyone gets 10 paid flex days (different from vacation) to do what they want with.


Everyone starts with 3 weeks vacation. We want to enable everyone to be able to disconnect and recharge.


After 2 years of service, all team members are offered $5,000 and 1 extra week of vacation to pursue a personal project.

Hear from the team directly

Testimonials given of their own free will.

I love working at Aidi. We have a great team, and I love making people's lives easier and more productive by coding cool features.
David Préseault, Software Developer
What I appreciate about the team is that everyone works collaboratively and is looking to achieve shared goals. Everyone is equal and can have their say.
Axelle Darcy, Client Implementation Lead
What I appreciate about the team is that everyone works collaboratively and is looking to achieve shared goals. Everyone is equal and can have their say.
Axelle Darcy, Client Implementation Lead
The strong team spirit is what I love the most, we always help each other and encourage each other. Who doesn't like a supportive team?
Fan Yang, Software Developer

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