Learn from the past to optimize your next construction project.

How do commercial developers save money with Aidi?

To build new sites, developers need a best-in-class management tool to stay ahead of the competition. Aidi is tailor-made for you and your team. From lean teams up to larger organizations, we offer you 3 key advantages:

On budget

Acutely manage the flows of capital across your entire portfolio and generate reports in minutes.

On time

Track the progress and schedules of individual projects as well as the macro trends in your portfolio.

Forecast for the future

Leverage your construction data to predict & forecast for future projects.

"We oversee more than 150 construction projects per year, which vary greatly and are often complex.
Aidi quickly became our #1 tool for optimizing our project management."

- Éric Perreault, Commercial Planning at Sobeys

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