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Making construction projects predictable.

Discover the most advanced construction project management platform for owners — featuring AI capabilities, embedded analytics, automated workflows, industry best practices, and much more.

Aïdi helps manage over 4,500 construction projects worth more than $13 billions

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Why Aïdi?

We strive to be impactful and create value, and that begins with us--- the team. We are collaborative, open minded, supportive, to put it simply; we are a small team with big dreams. 

Aidi is an incredible company that plans on being a huge disruptor in the construction industry forever changing the way projects and tasks will be managed. The software is designed to save time and effort allowing our customers to focus more on their teams and projects. Here at Aidi we want to deliver the best client experience while maintaining the scope of our product. 

So what are you waiting for, join us! 

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