Meet our new directors

Aidi is very excited to announce 3 new Director positions to the company, all filled by existing team members. As with any business, as the Aidi team has grown in the 10 years since we started, it is time to add a bit more team structure to ensure we can continue to grow and serve our customers for the next 100 years.

As with any organizational change, we took time to discuss and look at the different paths we could take, and the impact it would have. We sought to get team input and share the changes in a gradual format. In the words of our leader Marc Parenteau, “Let’s give it a try, see what works, and change from there.” This captures perfectly the agile and approachable (one of our values!) nature of Aidi. Please join the Aidi team in welcoming our 3 new Directors: Adrien Michel, Alexis Ragusich, Cydrick Trudel.

Adrien Michel, Director of Product

Adrien joined Aidi in March 2021. Hailing from Nantes, France, Adrien moved to Montreal in 2018 to lead the international expansion of an environmental consulting organization. Adrien initially joined Aidi to interface with clients, helping to support and successfully deliver implementations for some of our largest customers. Through this experience, Adrien saw opportunities to continue building the Aidi product into a more scalable and easily implemented platform. He moved over to lead our product team and has worked alongside our talented development team ever since!

Find Adrien on LinkedIn here.

Alexis Ragusich, Director of Operations

Alexis joined Aidi in October 2021. Growing up in Quebec City, Alexis is very familiar with the province of Quebec’s many cities and landscapes. Alexis spent a good portion of his professional career at Videotron, where he was able to get firsthand experience on how large, complex organizations operate. It was while at Videotron that Alexis also completed his MBA from HEC Montreal. He brought the extensive experience he built at Videotron to Aidi to support the implementation and delivery for large B2B customers.

Alexis will continue to work closely with Aidi’s leadership and team to ensure the organization scales sustainably and continues to meet the needs of our customers. This will include being oversight on external customer interactions, from sales and marketing, to software implementation and product support as well as recruiting the next team members that will help us shape the Aidi of tomorrow.

As we tackle our next growth phase, I’m really excited to help design and enhance our customer journey of tomorrow by providing a great sales experience, fluid software onboarding and implementation and exceptional product support.

Find Alexis on LinkedIn here.

Cydrick Trudel, Director of Architecture (aka Lead Architect)

Cydrick joined Aidi in late 2021. Cydrick is a born & raised Montrealer. Previous to Aidi, Cydrick spent a number of years at Lockheed Martin, where he worked as a software team lead on classified military-grade projects. It was there that Cydrick gained an appreciation for well structured solutions and digital architecture. Having worked alongside the Aidi software team since joining the organization, Cydrick is steps into a role where he can continue to support, coach, and contribute to the technical team’s ongoing growth and maturity.

I am looking forward to transforming the platform and preparing it for the future needs of our customers. In such an integrated, digital world, software challenges are abundant, but it’s all part of the fun of the job!

Find Cydrick on LinkedIn here.

Feel free to connect with any of our new Directors on LinkedIn and follow their path with Aidi!

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