Aidi’s Brand Evolution

Why are we here?

Aidi recently went through what we have internally coined a “brand evolution”. I’m Evan, leading our marketing efforts, and I wanted to take a few minutes to describe this change with you all. We decided to adopt the “evolution” terminology in place of “rebrand” as it is more representative of what we are doing.

As opposed to a full rebrand, Aidi is keeping a lot of the recognizable elements that make us Aidi. In our view, a real “brand revolution”, e.g. a rebrand, is when an organization takes their public image and recognizable brand assets in a whole new direction. I recently read that GlaxoSmithKline, the big British pharmaceutical company, “rebranded” to “GSK” over the summer 2022. In my opinion, this is more evolution than revolution, in line with the sort of move we’re taking today.

We are excited to share a few of the specific and recognizable changes on the Aidi brand with you! In line with our value of approachability, feel free to comment on our LinkedIn posts or reach out by email:

What’s changing?

There are a few distinct changes I wanted to comment on here: the name, the logo, and the colours. There are another half dozen finer points happening around our brand update, but these are probably the biggest and most notable 3.

The Name

Well, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that we are still Aidi. The same name, pronounced the same way (more or less). The biggest change is sunsetting our usage of the accent on the "ï". The umlaut, or tréma in French, that starred in Aidi’s original name speaks to our deep roots as a company built in Montréal, Québec, for some of the largest French-language organizations in North America, by a team of bilingual experts.

To be clear, we still have these roots. We are still a bilingual team, we are still excited to serve our supportive and innovative French-language customers, and we still maintain a large physical presence in the beautiful city of Montréal.

The decision to remove the accent was simple: to be more approachable to the rest of North America, and by extension the world. We want the Aidi name to be easily typed, searched, discussed, and referenced. We are excited to continue growing across North America while retaining the history and experience developed over 10 years of operations.

The Logo

Small changes can have big gains. This was most obvious when the design team behind our rebrand unveiled the new logo to us. It takes a while for the eyes to find the differences (have you ever done one of those spot the differences game? Feel free to go wild here), but they are intentional and impactful.

Aidi serves large construction owners across North America. They look to us to be a trustworthy and dependable partner in their day-to-day operations. The changes to the logo are meant to convey stability, sound structure, and straight lines (something important in construction!).

As you can see here, the logo has been rethought with these goals in mind:

Ultimately, we’ve still got the Aidi dog! In the theme of evolution vs. revolution, despite certain jokes about swapping in a monkey to replace the dog, we feel this logo remains recognizable to our current customer base as well as potential new partners. We look forward to growing the Aidi dogs recognition!

The Colours

The last, most noticeable, piece of our brand evolution is the adoption of some new colours. As it is probably obvious by now, we’ve decided to stick with a primarily blue-colour palette for our brand. What is new is the inclusion of blue variants, as well as accessory/accent colours to go with them:

What’s fun about these new colours is how versatile and interchangeable they are. Like colourful Lego blocks, they fit together in numerous different variations and still look good:

Another amazing aspect to our new brand colours is the degree of accessibility. The blues are stark enough that at most font sizes or applications, they remain viewable and meet accessibility guidelines.

Wrapping up

You’ve probably already picked up on the new branding on a few of Aidi’s platforms. We are excited to keep rolling it out in terms of our website, social media accounts, company apparel, and maybe even our software (more on that soon!).

If you notice any of Aidi’s accounts still rocking the old name, logo, or colour palette, feel free to give us a shout at: - we’ll buy you a coffee as a finder’s fee!

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