Introducing Themes

Aidi recently went through a brand evolution, which we covered in detail in this blog post.

We are now excited to have some of this work transferred into the Aidi application itself. We are doing this by introducing Themes. The idea behind this is to leverage the new, modern, approachable, and accessible colour palette developed for the brand evolution, and add it directly to the Aidi platform.

What’s changing?

In short: nothing. We are not forcing any changes on our users. Everything presented and discussed here is optional for users to adopt.

The way we’ve introduced the new colours into the application is by giving users to ability to toggle their theme. To date, the only available theme has been what we are now calling Classic. This will remain the default theme for all users for the time being.

What’s different is now users can toggle, or opt-in, to using the Modern theme. This can be found under Settings and changed in seconds:

Users only need to update this once and then will see the entire application in the new theme moving forward.

Why the change?

As with the Aidi brand evolution, we always want to be improving the Aidi application for our users. For both the brand and the platform, there was a need to modernize to be up to par with the state of construction management software in the 21st century. While this is just a small step in what we envision will be many progressive and forward thinking updates to the platform, we hope you are excited by the new interface nonetheless.

Stay tuned for more (bigger) user experience updates in 2023!

Feedback? Questions?

Feel free to send any thoughts or questions to

If you are an Aidi user and want to take advantage of this new update, check out the Wiki guide here.

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