Introducing Aidi Insider: the inside track on all things Aidi

What is Aidi Insider?

We recently launched the first edition of Aidi Insider, your go-to monthly newsletter for all things Aidi.  🚀

We are thrilled to bring you this new channel to stay up to date on product updates, valuable content, and industry insights. Our aim is to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to thrive in the ever-evolving world of construction while also providing you with updates on Aidi.

This post recaps the thinking behind this new medium.

Why did we create it?

At Aidi, we understand the importance of staying informed and connected in the construction industry. It can be hard to find what’s new & modern in construction, especially from the owner perspective.

That's why we created Aidi Insider - to serve as your go-to source for the latest trends, innovations, and best practices for construction owners. Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge and resources necessary to excel with your construction projects and make informed decisions.

Why should you subscribe?

By subscribing to Aidi Insider, you’ll receive digestible and organized information directly to your inbox. Our goal is to give you things you can immediately action and think about, while also staying informed. Whether you're a construction professional, a project owner, or simply interested in the industry, our newsletter offers valuable content tailored to your needs.

Did we mention that we’re only starting with a monthly edition? We promise not to clog up your already busy inbox.

Sneak Peak of the Aidi Insider

You will get a curated list of our most recent blog posts. We spend time & energy researching and finding topics that are on your mind to write about. We hope a few articles will catch your attention!

You can expect to see a few recaps of Aidi’s product innovation. The idea here is to present in very simple and digestible terms what’s going on with the Aidi platform and how a modern construction platform should operate.

Interested in learning more?

Don't miss out on the updates, exclusive content, and sneak peeks of what's on the horizon. Stay informed and become an Aidi Insider by signing up below! 📩

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