Aidi signs City of Billings

We're excited to announce that Aidi has signed our first client in the United States - the City of Billings, Montana.

The City of Billings was looking to procure a construction project management software that would be used for the tracking of medium to large size commercial construction projects. The solution had to be robust and include financial and analytical functionalities.

Following a rigorous and competitive call for tenders process, our project, program, and portfolio management software developed in Montreal, Canada emerged as the winner.

Why the excitement to expand to the US?

  • Construction project processes are very similar between the US and Canada, there’s a natural fit on this point
  • Aidi’s US expansion comes at the right time, with President Biden announcing a $2 trillion plan to reshape the economy by rebuilding and repairing 20,000 miles of roads, 10,000 bridges, and other public infrastructure in the realm of transportation, water, internet, electric, workforce, and innovation. Now, more than ever, project owners will need a specialized tool to track their projects and ensure they’re delivered on time and on budget.
  • As our tool is mainly used in Quebec, our expansion south of the border will bring new ideas and concepts that will be incorporated into the platform. These new perspectives will benefit all of our new and existing customers across North America with added value features.
  • As we expand our product’s horizons and venture into the US, it’s a very exciting time for us as we simultaneously propel our company’s growth. Our team continues to better ourselves alongside the product we’re so proud to be building.

Next steps in our journey

  • Alongside other technology leaders from Quebec, Aïdi will attend the 5th annual Propel event in New York City on December 8-9. This is an international technology conference & expo for commercial real estate professionals across North America.
  • With our US expansion will come dedicated customer support for our American clients, new office opening, and much more.

Think you’d be a great fit for our growing team? Our technology-driven company has big dreams and is always on the lookout for incredible talent.

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