The advantages of using Aïdi for managing your construction projects

There are several project management software on the market. You just have to ask Google and you will be overloaded with software of all kinds. However, the vast majority of these software are not adapted to the reality of construction and even less from the point of view of project owners. In this short article, we present the 4 main advantages of using Aidi to manage your construction projects as a project owner.

Advantage # 1 - Centralize the information of all your projects

Potentially the biggest advantage of using the platform, Aidi allows you to have a real-time overview of your projects portfolio.

➞ At a glance, you can access consolidated information to make better decisions.

➞ A single tool to bring together all your internal and external stakeholders.

➞ Efficiency and reliability are just the first visible advantages among many.

Advantage # 2 - Standardize your project management practices.

Increase efficiency and reliability, and stay in control of your project management processes by standardizing your methods according to best practices.

➞ Harmonize your project management processes.

➞ Facilitate data consolidation and accountability.

➞ Constantly and uniformly increase the maturity of your project management teams.

Advantage # 3 - Control changes during projects

There are few projects without changes along the way, and mismanaging change orders can become a very costly headache. Here are some examples of how Aidi allows you to be in control as a project owner.

➞ Centralize all change requests in one platform to make sure nothing slips in the crack.

➞ Configure tailor-made approval flows to optimize communication among project stakeholders.

➞ Automate reminders to people who have pending approval requests.

Advantage # 4 - Avoid data entry errors or duplications.

Who has never been confronted with the problems caused by double data entry? Data entry errors, loss of reliability, delays, user discouragement, loss of productivity, etc. So imagine with triple / quadruple seizure and more! The problems are exponential.

At Aïdi, we have the philosophy that data should only be entered once and only once. With the interoperability of the platform, we ensure the full integration of Aidi into your organization by connecting existing software to the platform.

➞ Eliminate non-value added tasks.

➞ Make your data more reliable.

➞ Optimize resource time.

There you go! These were the main advantages of using Aïdi for managing your construction projects. However, you may ask yourself, do all these advantages apply to my business reality, which is quite particular? The question is legitimate and deserve to be answered. I invite you to read our recent article The key to picking the software solution that’s best for your business: the Proof of Concept:

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