Share access to Supplier Info

What is the new feature?

Today, we are extending the ability to share supplier information with other suppliers on a specific project within Aidi. This will add more collaboration and efficiency while maintaining confidentiality & strong information practices.

Before today, it was difficult to enable 2 (or more) suppliers on a specific project to collaborate, communicate, and generally take advantage of the power of Aïdi. With this feature release, a project manager or administrator can now allow a specific project contact to view and interact with the information of a different supplier.

An easy example of this is an engineer at an external firm (e.g. not working directly at the organization funding & managing the project) collaborating and approving the work of general contractors on that project. The project manager can enable that specific engineer to view the payment requests, change orders, and other similar (and specifically granted) pieces of information that the general contractor is entering into the Aidi platform.

The goal with this feature is to enable cleaner, more efficient communication & collaboration lines between suppliers within specific projects.

What can you do with this feature?

While the base functionality for this feature might seem small at first, the impact this can have on your project management & supplier relationships is huge. Here are a few highlighted areas of what we can do with this update:

Information & privacy management

Project leaders will be able to apply confidentiality and information sharing requirements while enabling the right people to run the project more smoothly. We want to ensure that project managers have the toolset to manage the flow of information how they want.

This new supplier access functionality builds on top of existing roles & access levels already in place.


With this new feature update, project leaders can create the opportunity for suppliers to take ownership over key responsibilities or actions in Aidi. In line with their set roles, one supplier can now easily perform important tasks like approve a payment request or a change order triggered by another supplier. Everything is tracked & enabled right in the Aidi platform.

More collaboration & communication

Generally, this feature gives project leaders a quick & easy way to increase the level of collaboration on specific projects. By creating information & task sharing between suppliers, there are emails, Excel files, and any other work arounds to getting things done on your projects.

What are the main benefits for this feature?

  • Faster time-to-action - with suppliers able to take precise actions within a project between one-another, things get done more quickly
  • Cut out excess communications - no need for suppliers to have to track each other down outside of Aidi, requests, changes, and approvals can happen right in the system
  • Data control - project leaders can continue to manage the flow & distribution of important supplier information & responsibilities

Who should be most interested in this feature?

This feature can help projects of all sizes & complexities, but will be most valuable for larger organizations or larger scale projects that involve multiple suppliers. Organizations where there are outsourced responsibilities or external stakeholders playing key roles, such as engineering or project management, will appreciate being able to delegate certain responsibilities out to these groups.

Putting it simply, supplier information access can help external contacts to better collaborate with other external contacts.

This feature will also be very helpful for work environments and organizations that need to maintain privacy & information controls. Aidi provides granular access controls to enable this.

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