A plan that fits to your needs.

No bronze, silver or gold plans here. Aidi is priced based on the amount of your construction projects. We offer simple all-in-one pricing.

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Unlimited users

Connect your entire project team and external stakeholders to work on the same platform at no extra cost.

Unlimited documents

All your project documents are available at your fingertips, on one platform, across all your devices.

Unrivalled support

Your success is our priority. Our implementation and support team are here to ensure that.

No hidden fees. No lock-in.
Flexibility for your team.

Pricing FAQ

How does your pricing work?

Our monthly fees are based on the amount, in dollars, of your projects managed within the platform. It starts at $1,500 per month if you manage approximately $5 million annually. Our price includes everything: unlimited users and data, training, updates, customer support and much more!

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. We offer flexible contract lengths to suit your needs & budgets. If you decide after the Proof of Concept phase not to move forward, there is no penalty.

Is there a free trial?

No. The Aidi platform does not offer any free trials, in place we offer a lightweight, but hands-on Proof of Concept phase to ensure you get the most value out of the platform in the shortest time possible

Do you integrate with our current platform?

Aidi can be integrated seamlessly with numerous other platforms via a lightweight web API (i.e. ERP and accounting systems). Our team can develop custom integrations with your systems to automate manual processes through discussion and requirements gathering.

Want to see what we can do for you?
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