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End-to-end project management features

Everything you need, in one tool, accessible from anywhere to all stakeholders. Gain reliability and efficiency from day one. Aïdi is your trustworthy partner.

All your contracts in one place

Track invoices, payment requests and all contracts related to the project with 100% customizable approval chains.

Mastering changes

Because there are no projects without changes along the way, Aïdi helps you master all the change order requests.

Keep an eye on risks

Aïdi offers a simple and intuitive way to document and monitor risks during all phases of the project.

Track timelines and key dates

Aïdi’s easy-to-use schedule helps you plan and track “project gates”, manage tasks, identify critical tasks and much more.

Organize your documents

Upload documents to Aïdi to keep them organized and make them available to the relevant stakeholders.

Review sources of funding

Aïdi manages budget envelopes for each project (TCWPs, operating budgets, borrowing bylaws, subsidies).

Receive custom reports

Set up your custom reports to be automatically sent to you on Monday morning, Friday morning or the first of the month. Right on time for your first coffee of the day.

Protect your data

We work with a best-in-class hosting provider. You can export all your data or a specific project in a readable format at any time.

Integrate platforms

We ensure the full integration of Aïdi in your organization by connecting the platform to your software (ERP, CRM, etc.).

Make smart estimates

You can create budgets in Aïdi from customizable templates and display amounts broken down by item (i.e. professional fees, labour, incidentals, etc.).

Calls for tenders and bids

Aïdi generates tender forms and imports submissions automatically into the system, saving you the hassle of data entry.

Take care of subcontractors

Tracking declarations and receipts is critical to ensuring that subcontractors and suppliers get paid. Aïdi alerts you of elevated risk levels.

Learn about the full extent of Aïdi’s capabilities

Your questions answered

Your questions answered

That sounds great, but will this work for us?

It’s a fair question. That’s why we start with a proof of concept. During this phase, you’ll get the full set of Aïdi features tailored to your reality and personalized support to get the most out of your Aïdi training period.

What does Aïdi mean?

The name Aïdi originated from a sheepdog. It protects, monitors and predicts. It is user-friendly. Let Aïdi do the running around for you, while you go back to being the calm, in-control shepherd. Forget your worries, every penny of your budget will go exactly where it’s supposed to.

How often do updates take place?

We release updates every six weeks. Most of the new features are ideas submitted by the Aïdi community. All the information about new features are published in the Help Center, so that your training material is always up to date.

What is the data output strategy?

Besides providing a copy of the database upon client request, Aïdi has an archive tool that can extract all the project’s information in a structured way. The main archive file is an easy-to-read Excel spreadsheet, with a structured folder containing all related documents and a Word document for the log book.