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Highlights of the year for Aïdi

Yes, good things happened in 2020 !

21 Dec 2020

We can all agree on one thing about 2020, it’s a year that we will forever remember. In 2020, we were challenged to adapt, persevere and innovate the way we deliver our products and services. For some companies, this change was essential to maintain their business in operation. Despite the turmoil of 2020, we want to leave it with a positive note, by celebrating with all of you some of Aïdi’s key wins in 2020.


Win #1 - Our brand and website


We were beyond excited with the refreshed look of Aïdi’s new brand and our new website. It’s our technology partner OSEDEA that led the creative process inspired by Design Thinking to rethink Aïdi, its brand values and its visual identity. This approach successfully updated our brand and helped us communicate effectively with potential clients. Aïdi’s mission is now clear: Making construction projects more predictable. Epic projects no longer required epic spreadsheets. 


Want to learn more about our rebranding? click here


Win #2 - Our Vancouver Trade Mission at the BUILDEX Show


This year we pushed Aïdi’s expansion beyond Quebec with our first ever trade mission in Western Canada. Last February, our team participated at Vancouver's BUILDEX Show. We met many business partners and potential clients, in addition to some team bonding. Of course, this was all done prior to the pandemic crisis. 


We look forward to expanding our operations further in Western Canada and offering the best construction management platform for owners. 

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Win #3 - Launching our microlearning


This year we launched our online microlearning program. Lasting 8 weeks, we go over the key modules and features of our Aïdi platform with our community.  The interactive aspect of these microtraining sessions allows users to explore Aïdi in a hyper-customizable way. 


This program was highly successful and we will for sure bring it back in 2021, along with many new features. 






You can view all these microlearning sessions on Aïdi’s YouTube Channel


Win #4 - AI in Aïdi


This year was historical for Aïdi. We’ve integrated artificial intelligence in the platform. The first feature incorporating AI was the improvement and optimization of the approval process, taking into account the approval history, the users, the activities. Aïdi uses machine learning to learn specific behaviours to send the right information at the right time. This way the recommendations will become more specific. 


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That’s it for our 2020. It’s with excitement that we bid goodbye to 2020 and are ready to enter the new year. We look forward to sharing our new projects with all of you next year and continue delighting our users. 


Happy holidays!