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A branding case study: Behind the scenes of Aïdi's new look

More than just a new logo

2 Oct 2020

A few weeks ago, we unveiled our new website and our updated branding for Aïdi. We’re incredibly proud of the end result, and we thought it would be fun to show you what happened behind the scenes of the project.



The creative work was handled by Osedea, a talented, innovative software development firm that also happens to be our strategic partner for developing the Aïdi platform.

We kicked this process off last December with a Discovery phase, inspired by the designthinking approach. This creative phase helped us to establish a clear direction that would drive our design decisions throughout the process. After this first phase, we had our mission statement nailed down: Making construction projects more predictable.

We’d also come up with a set of brand values to communicate what we’re all about, which we’ve detailed below:



design thinking session at Osedea


Design thinking workshop at Osedea

- Design thinking sessions at Osedea office


Our new brand values



Trustworthy (reliable, confident, credible)

Aïdi customers can safely put their trust in our platform’s ability to capably manage their most precious resources and crucial deadlines.

Impactful (powerful, influential)

Aïdi makes a difference: not only for people involved in construction projects, but in the lives of the citizens for whom the projects are built.

Approachable (familiar, inviting, comfortable)

Although the platform has many features and capabilities, it’s still familiar enough that customers will be able to see themselves using it every day with ease.

Innovative (modern, dynamic)

We could have created the Aïdi platform to simply replace the use of spreadsheets. But we wanted it to completely revolutionize the FEEL of managing construction projects. The goal was to mitigate the stressful parts of overseeing budgets and time constraints, so that users have a distinct sense of “ok - this is under control now.” 



When brand values come to life visually


Aïdi isn’t just a database that crunches numbers for you. It offers flexible, dynamic insights, tailored to the user’s preferences. It represents a forward-thinking evolution in the construction industry. But in addition to its inventiveness, we wanted people to get a strong impression of its dependability - so we chose blue as the brand’s primary personality colour. In colour psychology, blue represents calmness, intelligence, confidence, and trust. 

Aïdi’s look and feel is designed to make it immediately obvious that managing construction projects can be SO much easier than it’s been in the past. Using kanban views, drag-and-drop features, and color-coded elements that tell you if your project is on track for success, we took the notion of creating an “intuitive interface” to new heights. 



Dashboard Aïdi



Rather than complicating users’ lives by forcing them to learn the ins and outs of an overwhelming new piece of software, Aïdi effortlessly enhances efficiency and brings near-instant relief to harried project managers. 

With minimal training, you’ll start managing your projects more efficiently from Day One. And as a new Aïdi user, you’ll have something pretty cool to look forward to: the launch of a new AI-powered feature that will make approving payments smoother and easier than ever before. 

With Aïdi, discover the most advanced construction project management platform for owners — featuring AI capabilities, embedded analytics, automated workflows, industry best practices, and much more.