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No more Excel file angst: ÆCO chooses Aïdi to centralize project management for their clients

1 Jun 2021

The context

ÆCO is a dynamic project management firm that was founded in 2007. Composed of an experienced multidisciplinary team, they support their clients through the whole process of carrying out their projects, which typically have budgets ranging from $100k to $25 million. 


The ÆCO team consists of architects, training engineers, and project managers who also hold a PMP certification. ÆCO mainly works with clients in the health and education sectors, but the firm also collaborates with government entities, such as MTQ and CNESST. From the initial planning stages to the final details of a project, ÆCO is there to support their clients with requests for business tenders, budget monitoring, overseeing execution of plans and specifications, deadline management, negotiation of fees, and much more.

The challenge

ÆCO’s customers tend to use a combination of Excel and Microsoft Project to keep track of their projects. Until recently, it was just a fact of life that the team’s use of many different Excel files, as well as non-centralized monitoring of tools, complicated communication between project stakeholders. Everyone had their own data set that they were working with, which regularly caused problems for team members.


Anxious to simplify the various aspects of their internal communications, and to facilitate access to shared data, ÆCO turned to Aïdi to help them better manage their clients’ construction projects. Revolutionary and very easy to use, Aïdi standardizes and structures your data, optimizing and automating every element of the projects spearheaded by an organization.

The solution

Frustrated with the technical constraints they kept encountering due to using a number of different Excel files to manage their clients’ projects, the ÆCO team set out to find a solution to their problem. Following a comprehensive analysis of the various construction project management software options on the market, they decided on Aïdi. 


Known for its ease of use, advanced yet intuitive project management capabilities, integrated analysis tools, and automated workflows, Aïdi offers everything an organization could possibly need to help them get to the next level of productivity and efficiency with their projects -  without requiring lots of time-consuming training on how to use the platform.


Aïdi is designed to proactively keep track of project budgets, while seamlessly managing the scheduling of all the tasks involved. All of Aïdi’s customers begin their partnership with Aïdi with the three-month Proof of Concept phase, which immediately begins improving the way projects are managed within the company in question. This was ÆCO’s experience, and they were able to pass on the immediate benefits to their clients, which was exciting for them.


The ÆCO team found that other software options that were comparable to Aïdi were much more expensive. What’s more, they didn’t offer the same level of customization that Aïdi does.  The Aïdi software is literally reimagined for each of our clients, and their unique needs. 


ÆCO also liked that Aïdi was founded and developed in Quebec, meaning that we understand the reality of what it is to be in business in this part of Canada. And finally, ÆCO found it reassuring that Aïdi conforms to PMI best practices.

Looking ahead

The Aïdi software was just recently implemented at ÆCO, with many new users currently in the process of migrating their regular project management tasks over to the new platform. The major positive effects of this transition are expected to reach their tipping point in summer 2021, with project managers becoming considerably more efficient with their work.


Some of the major benefits that are in the process of transforming ÆCO’s operations include the fact that construction project managers (who often split their time between the office and the construction site) can now monitor the construction sites they’re overseeing in real time. Rather than constantly needing to update and consult a static logbook in Excel format, they can now check in on every aspect of a project via the web-based and mobile versions of Aïdi, according to their needs.


As a result of all of the above facilitated by Aïdi, ÆCO is looking forward to being able to provide an even higher standard of service to their customers, setting them apart from their competition in the project management world. And the numbers won’t lie: by the end of summer 2021, ÆCO will be able to take their choice to sign on with Aïdi to the bank.

In their own words


“On top of how amazing the software is, our team’s relationship with the Aïdi team is really something special. They work hand in hand with us to engage in R&D that’s pertinent to our goals. They listen closely to their community of users in order to continue developing the platform, which makes us feel valued and heard.” - Jean-Louis Besse, Project Managaer at Aeco